Boujee Ice: Ethically Beautiful, Sustainably Brilliant

Diamonds of the Future

Founded by Cheryl Broad in 2023, Boujee Ice Jewellery stands as a shining example of how luxury and ethics can beautifully coexist. Cheryl's passion for unique jewellery has illuminated the industry with a new kind of sparkle. Born from a deep appreciation for exquisite designs and a commitment to sustainable elegance, Boujee Ice is more than just jewellery; it's a visionary dream brought to life.

The Journey Begins in Nelson, NZ

Cheryl's path to revolutionising the jewellery world began in Nelson, New Zealand. Confronted with a lack of diversity and creativity in local jewellery stores, she embarked on an exploratory mission. This journey led her to the stunning world of moissanite and lab-grown diamonds, revealing not just the inflated costs but also the questionable origins of mined diamonds. This discovery was a pivotal moment, sparking a flame of inspiration and a drive for change.

Crafting a Legacy of Sustainable Elegance

Driven by her newfound passion, Cheryl delved deeper, understanding that true beauty in jewellery comes from its ethical roots and positive impact. Her journey became a crusade for ethical jewellery, blending luxury with responsibility. At Boujee Ice, each piece narrates a story of commitment to our planet and its future.

The Essence Behind Our Name: Boujee Ice

The name "Boujee Ice" reflects our core philosophy. "Boujee" signifies a love for a lavish lifestyle yet staying grounded and true to one's roots. "Ice," a colloquial term for diamonds, represents our dazzling centrepiece. At Boujee Ice, we question the rationale of damaging habitats, environments, or human lives for mere gemstones. We advocate for ethically sourced, lab-created diamonds and moissanite – a gem with more fire, brilliance, and sparkle than traditional diamonds, and at a far more accessible price.

Our Commitment to Ethical Elegance

We offer a diverse range of jewellery, specialising in lab-created moissanite diamonds. At Boujee Ice, we firmly believe that jewellery should not only be captivating but also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. We're setting a new standard in the jewellery world – one that's not just visually stunning but also conflict-free. Being at the forefront of the sustainable jewellery movement is a role we embrace with pride.

Wearing a Vision for the Future

When you choose a piece from Boujee Ice, you're not just selecting a stunning accessory; you're making a statement. You're wearing a commitment to a better, more sustainable future. Our diamonds are not just adornments; they are the Diamonds of the Future, symbolising a brighter, more conscientious path for luxury jewellery.

Boujee Ice: Where Your Jewellery Reflects Your Style & Values.